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As you already know, my name is Sean Brady, and I am the Vice Mayor of Miami Shores, Florida.  I am 42 years old with more than 20 years of post-collegiate professional experience in the area of data and analytics.  I have an MBA from the University of Florida and an undergraduate degree in Computer and Information Sciences from Florida State University.  I have worked for Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses that I started and managed.  I am currently managing the Master Data team for the Business Intelligence & Analytics unit for the world’s largest PEO, ADP TotalSource.

I'm exceptionally Data-Cated!

I am a South Florida native who grew up in Miami Shores Village and the Village has helped make me who I am today.  I want to work with you to use the experience and opportunities I’ve been given to continue to make Miami Shores a great place for current residents and the future generations who will call it home.  This is why I ran for Village Council in 2017.

My love of community service started with my family and friends here in Miami Shores and I want to ensure future generations have the opportunities I was afforded.  I attended Miami Shores Presbyterian Church School for preschool, St. Rose of Lima’s elementary school, and then public school through high school.  I played sports at the recreation center and enjoyed Scouting with my dad Dan and my brothers Kevin and Scott (I am an Eagle Scout).  My mom Julie Brady is a retired school teacher, working and volunteering for over thirty years in Miami Shores (including at Miami Shores Elementary).  My wife Jamie and I have two children; our son is a Miami Shores Elementary school student who is enjoying playing basketball at the recreation center and our daughter is two going on 10.

In the last few years, I’ve served on the Board of Directors of the Greater Miami Shores Chamber of Commerce, and I recently completed a two year term on the Board (serving as the Treasurer) of the Miami Shores Community Alliance.

Here’s a link to my LinkedIn Profile if you would like to take a look.

I understand the needs and concerns of Miami Shores Village’s families and business people.  I am currently a manager on the Business Intelligence and Analytics team at ADP TotalSource in Miami.  I’m also a small business owner and an MBA who is raising a family here in the Shores.  I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Florida State University and then worked with large corporations as well as small, local businesses.  I’ve also worked for Broward County fostering small business development.  Before starting my own information technology consulting business in 2011, I worked with Ryder System (a Miami-based Fortune 500 company) and earned an MBA from the University of Florida.

My guiding principles for serving as your Miami Shores Village Councilman:

  • Encourage and respect the participation of Miami Shores Village citizens, new and lifelong, in shaping our village’s future
  • Pursue downtown and commercial development that will bring value to and increase the quality of life for Miami Shores Village residents while fitting the nature and character of the Village
  • Ensure that our investments in services, infrastructure, and improvements create significant value for Miami Shores Village residents
  • Continue our focus on delivering excellence in public safety
  • Always seek out and bring forward new ideas to make Miami Shores Village an even better place to live

“Love Thy Neighbor”

That’s what I was taught growing up, and that’s what I live by today.  I am your Miami Shores neighbor and I encourage you to reach out to me with your issues and concerns.  Here’s a sampling of what I am focused on doing here in our community:

Public Safety

  • Putting cameras (such as license plate readers) in place to help the police keep an eye on our streets and alleyways
  • Giving the police the resources they need to further improve follow-up and deepen relationships with the community, including improving and expanding our community alert systems


  • Give Village Hall the resources they need to fund a grant coordinator for Miami Shores
  • Participate in “Greening Gateways” type local, State and Federal beautification grant programs
  • Explore options for trash removal and aesthetic improvement of our I-95 exits at 95th and 103rd streets
  • Use Florida-friendly plants that will save us money on maintenance and increase our property values
  • Improve walkability and bikeability of the Village through improvements in sidewalks, addition of bicycle lanes, curb & gutter installation, adding landscaped medians, and installing ADA compliant ramps and crosswalks

Building Community

  • Give Village Hall the resources needed to help increase and broaden citizen participation in shaping our Village through proactive information sharing, further publicizing board meetings and meeting minutes, and expanding on the virtual Village Hall concept
  • Use technology and process improvement initiatives to foster a renewed focus on customer service at Village Hall
  • Fostering “downtown” and other commercial development that improves our quality of life and grows our tax base
  • Improving quality of and increasing community involvement in our public schools (Miami Shores Elementary and Doctors Charter School)
  • Pursuing fiscally-sound development of our community facilities and creating programs that serve our residents of all ages

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns you have or issues that are important to you.   Please feel free to email me at seanbrady@msvfl.gov or to call me at 786-408-3912.

IMPORTANT!  Please remember that any email you send me is part of the public record – so if you wouldn’t want the world to see it, please don’t send it.

Best Regards,

Sean Brady

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