Miami Shores Village Mobile App

Going to check this out today – Miami Shores Village partnered with Publicstuff to create a mobile app for Miami Shores.

For iPhone:…/my-msv-public-stuff/id1121429658…

For Android:…

From the Monthly Newsletter:

MyMSV was launched in August 2016 as an official
platform for residents to access their government in a single
location. MYMSV is a mobile app for residents to submit
service requests through their smartphones and online.
MyMSV is a source of quick information. It can transform the
way residents interact with the Village and find information.
Residents may access important Village information through
in-app tools like the website, announcements, community
calendar, public people and Council meetings.
Residents can submit service requests related to Code
Compliance, Police Department issues like suspicious activity,
Recreation issues such as equipment repair, Sanitation issues
like missed garbage pickup, Streets issues such as potholes
or tree trimming and general requests. By adopting the
PublicStuff platform, the Village hopes to improve resident
communications and improve service delivery. On the
backend, appropriate staff responds to submitted requests
through a customized workflow management system.
Miami Shores Village launched the application in
partnership with PublicStuff, an innovative civic software
company that helps residents and local governments connect
to improve the quality of life in their communities.
The instantaneous nature of the app is a benefit for the
Village as it furthers its commitment to being responsive to
the needs of the community. This is a way to have residents
help solve problems and issues.

To get started, download MyMSV today! The MyMSV
Public Stuff app is available for free in both the iTunes app
store and the Android Google Play store. To submit a service
request online, visit and enter
Miami Shores Village.

Let us know what else you’d like to see in
your official MyMSV app!

Send questions and feedback to

Miami Shores Village Board Vacancies

Miami Shores Village needs your service – there are critically important Board vacancies that we’re trying to fill by June:

Library Board of Trustees (1 Vacancy)
Doctors Charter School Board (4 Vacancies)

These Board vacancies will be appointed during the first
meeting of June this year. If you are interested in completing
an application, please contact the Village Clerk, Barbara Estep,
at 305-762-4851 or download the application online at The application deadline for
submission is Tuesday, May 30th.

Thank YOU for Your Support – 2nd Place Finish!

The 2017 Miami Shores Election Season has come to a close – the votes have been cast and tallied and the results have been published.


6 of 6 Precincts Reporting

Percent Votes
Sean Brady
Percent of total votes
18.55% 1,094
Bill Davis
Percent of total votes
13.99% 825
Liangy Fernandez-Calli
Percent of total votes
17.05% 1,005
Mac Glinn
Percent of total votes
23.12% 1,363
Eddie Lewis
Percent of total votes
9.53% 562
Jonathan Meltz
Percent of total votes
17.76% 1,047
April 18, 2017 – Miami Shores Village Council and Special Elections  4/18/2017 7:36:44 PM EDT
Precinct Reporting = Precinct Reporting
Dade Precinct Detail
Precinct Sean Brady Bill Davis Liangy Fernandez-Calli Mac Glinn Eddie Lewis Jonathan Meltz Total
Precinct Reporting 154 134 95 182 155 88 134 788
Precinct Reporting 155 211 123 224 243 143 137 1,081
Precinct Reporting 156 362 286 304 408 147 327 1,834
Precinct Reporting 157 250 173 192 381 108 293 1,397
Precinct Reporting 158 66 35 45 54 25 43 268
Precinct Reporting 179 71 113 58 122 51 113 528
Total: 1,094 825 1,005 1,363 562 1,047 5,896

Registered Voters: 7,115
Ballots Cast: 2,452
Voter Turnout: 34.46 %

Precinct Map:

Full details available here:

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) For our Haitian Brothers and Sisters

This is something that is important to me and I know important to many members of our community.

From friend and neighbor Joseph A. Beauvil:

“Attached is a letter written by Senators Marco Rubio, Bill Nelson and 8 Members of Congress urging Homeland Secretary John Kelly to renew TPS for Haitians after I along with some leaders in the Haitian Community initiated a movement to have people call the offices of Senator Rubio, Senator Nelson, and Rep. Frederica Wilson on March 21, 2017 on the issue. Unfortunately, Secretary Kelly has not responded yet to that letter. This is the reason why we are continuing with the movement to have people call on April 18 continuously members of Congress to ask Secretary Kelly and President Trump to renew TPS for Haitians.”

So please – on Election Day – come out and vote *and* let your congresspeople hear your voice on this issue. More to come.

Here is the actual letter – you can click on it to see it full-sized:

Upcoming Events

Here is a list of upcoming events – I hope to see you at one or more of the following:

Upcoming Events:

Unite Miami Shores Candidate Forum: April 6th – 7 pm at the MTC Miami Shores (9806 NE 2nd Ave)

Sean Brady for Miami Shores Council Meet & Greet Rally – Saturday April 8th – 11 am 9526 NE 2nd Ave #104 (Enter from the alley)

Proper Block Party – Sunday April 9th – 2pm to 5pm – 113 NW 106th Street, Miami Shores

Election Day – Tuesday April 18th – All day at the Miami Shores Community Center